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Kristen Stewart Wrongly Linked To “Mystery Man” By Clueless Blog

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By Daniel Gates


HollywoodLife, eternally underinformed and overheated, is at it again.

Jay Penske’s lazy webloid, which thinks everything is a giant “mystery” because it doesn’t bother reporting, has been printing misinformation about Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson for weeks because it’s cheap and easy.

The strategy seems to be 100 percent provocation, zero percent perspiration.

Now comes another “mystery”-related story, this time claiming that Stewart was “spotted jumping into the arms” of a man HollywoodLife can’t identity but assumes must pose a romantic threat to Pattinson.

“Is she moving on from Rob?” asks the site, upping the ante by suggesting that “it looked like he put his hand on her butt!”


Well, let’s help out HollywoodLife.

This isn’t Stewart’s “new boyfriend,” as the site implies.

It’s her friend CJ, and their embrace is entirely platonic.

Sources close to the friends assure Gossip Cop he has no romantic interest in Stewart.

One of two things happened here — either HollywoodLies (er, HollywoodLife) truly doesn’t care about finding out who someone is before jumping to conclusions, or the hack webloid pretends not to know in order to publish a more sensational story.

The only “mystery” here is why anyone would go to HollywoodLife for news.

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