Kristen Stewart NOT Moving Out Of Fear She’ll Run Into Robert Pattinson With FKA Twigs, Despite Claim

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Kristen Stewart Moving Robert Pattinson

By Michael Lewittes


Kristen Stewart Moving Robert Pattinson

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Kristen Stewart is not moving to a downtown L.A. loft because she’s afraid she’ll run into Robert Pattinson with his new girlfriend FKA Twigs in the Hollywood Hills, despite another fabricated report from an untrustworthy website. Gossip Cop looked into the latest absurd claim from the fan fiction writers at HollywoodLife, and we can exclusively report that after investigating the webloid’s various assertions, there isn’t a shred of truth.

Before delving into the site’s most recent attempt to pit Pattinson fans against Stewart fans, let’s briefly go over some of HollywoodLife’s reporting on the actress. The site last year claimed that Stewart secretly reunited with Rupert Sanders while Pattinson was out of town. The story, of course, was a disgusting lie. The webloid also reported that Stewart was “seething” over Pattinson dating Riley Keough. As Gossip Cop exclusively reported at the time, Pattinson never dated Keough, who remains to this day a close friend of Stewart’s. HollywoodLife also manufactured a story about how Stewart got Pattinson his part in the now shelved film Idol’s Eye. That, too, was proven by Gossip Cop to be untrue.

Now, that we’ve established (once again) how HollywoodLife routinely makes up Stewart and Pattinson stories, let’s look at the webloid’s most recent attempt. According to HollywoodLies, er, HollywoodLife, a so-called “insider” says ever since Pattinson bought a new house in the Hollywood Hills, Stewart is doing whatever she can so that she doesn’t see her ex and FKA Twigs “all over each other.” The site’s alleged “insider” adds that Stewart “does not want a weird run-in” with the couple.

HollywoodLife, which has actually been called out by a number stars for lying about them, goes on to fill out its current nonsensical story by throwing in an absurdly unrelated tangential about Pattinson being physically turned off by Stewart and her short haircut, which the blog says is “not that sexy to him.” Of course, Pattinson never said that. HollywoodLife is putting its own made-up words into his mouth about a haircut that Stewart initially got for a movie several months ago.

The bigger issue, which is equally wrong, is that Stewart is somehow fleeing to a loft in downtown L.A. to avoid seeing Pattinson and FKA Twigs. Despite HollywoodLife’s attempt to turn the real world into its own childish view of life, L.A. is not like a giant hallway in high school, where celebs dread running into each other. The Hollywood Hills, for example, span a vast area with winding roads and tucked away houses. A person would have to make a pretty concerted effort to have a “run-in” with another. There’s a far, far greater chance that Stewart would see Pattinson and FKA Twigs “all over each other” in photos posted online.

Still, Gossip Cop checked with a Stewart source whether she’s actually concerned about running into Pattinson, and we were told that she is not. Our source, who had not seen HollywoodLife’s latest fake story, shrugged off the report, saying, “It’s all bullish*t. Does anyone really believe what they [HollywoodLife] say?” We’re not sure, but we certainly hope the real fans of Stewart, as well as Pattinson, would by now realize that HollywoodLife essentially fabricates stories that never pan out about the two. Gossip Cop, however, strives to get the truth, and nothing but the truth.

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