CLAIM: Kristen Stewart Used Michael Pitt to Make Robert Pattinson Jealous

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By Daniel Gates

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OK! magazine has once again published the fevered imaginings of its unreliable sources as fact. The tabloid now claims Kristen Stewart was “trying to make [Robert Pattinson] jealous” by “flirting” with Michael Pitt at a fashion event in Paris earlier this month.

Yes, just look at how much “flirting” is going on in the picture at right. OK! says Pitt’s model fiancee Jamie Bochert came up with the alleged “plan” after Stewart supposedly revealed her “heartache” over Pattinson’s alleged romance with Riley Keough. “Kristen shared her feelings about Riley with Jamie,” a so-called “insider” tells the magazine. “It was Jamie who said, ‘Well, why don’t you do what Rob is doing to you? Use Michael for a while. Sit next to him at the fashion show. It will send the whole world buzzing.'” That’s a fake quote from a fake source.

In any case, OK! claims Pitt was all for the plot and “played his flirty role perfectly.” Look again at that photograph. Stewart and Pitt couldn’t be flirting less if they tried. Ah, but OK! shrieks, “the scheme seems have have worked!” How so? “The Internet soon lit up with stories of Kristen’s new rebound” — which Gossip Cop immediately busted — and word supposedly reached Pattinson, “although he remained tight-lipped about it.”

An “insider” for OK! explains, “There was no harm done. Michael and Jamie have been steadies for years. They wanted to support Kristen, even if the plan was a little bit high-schoolish.” “High-schoolish” would be overstating OK!’s coverage of Kristen Stewart. This is a nonsense story from the same people who just falsely accused the actress of “acting out” in the wake of her split.

There was no “scheme” to make Stewart and Pitt look romantic. When Gossip Cop asked (again) about the duo, a source close to the situation laughed at OK! That’s the right reaction.

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