CLAIM: Kristen Stewart Gets “Revenge” on Robert Pattinson with Marcus Foster

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Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart Promise Ring

By Daniel Gates


As Week 2 of the Robert PattinsonSarah Roemer non-story unfolds, the tabloids are taking some interesting (read: desperate) approaches.

While OK! magazine claims a post-“canoodle” Pattinson is pleading with Kristen Stewart and buying her a diamond ring, In Touch says Stewart is out for “revenge.” “Even though they’re so close that they’re planning to get married, Kristen and Rob’s relationship has always been super-dramatic and fueled by jealousy,” explains the tabloid, oblivious to the fact that it and similar outlets are the sources of this “drama” and “jealousy.”

According to In Touch, Stewart spoke with Pattinson about his night out with Roemer and then called singer Marcus Foster, whom a so-called “friend” claims she’s been “leaning on a lot lately.” This “friend” adds, “Rob doesn’t like how close Kristen is with Marcus,” who has provided songs for the Twilight soundtrack. But Stewart “likes having someone to make Rob jealous and to remind him that other guys find her attractive,” claims the In Touch source.

Of course, the magazine doesn’t actually say anything is going on between Stewart and Foster, because that would require things like details and corroboration and facts, none of which would let In Touch slap together a story called “Kristen’s Revenge.” Instead, we get empty speculation about Stewart allegedly “chatting up” Foster to give Pattinson “a taste of his own medicine.”

As Gossip Cop‘s sources again tell us, there’s absolutely no truth to this supposed fallout between Stewart and Pattinson after he and Roemer and other people went out earlier this month. Soon, Roemer and Foster’s names will be replaced by the new tabloid rumors du jour, and the magazines will pretend like they never printed this nonsense in the first place.

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