Kristen Stewart Friends NOT “Dropping Like Flies,” Despite Mean-Spirited Report

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Kristen Stewart Friends

By Shari Weiss

Kristen Stewart Friends

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Kristen Stewart was the victim of a mean-spirited and WRONG report on Sunday that falsely claimed the star’s friends are “dropping like flies.” Gossip Cop can bust this cruel and seemingly fabricated rumor.

The story comes from RadarOnline, a site not exactly known for accurately reporting on Stewart. In the past year alone, the outlet has falsely claimed Stewart was in talks to become the new face of Nike and that she was trying to get Demi Moore to play her mom in a movie. Neither article was true.

Keep that in mind now, when RadarOnline quotes a supposed “childhood friend” of Stewart’s allegedly complaining that the movie star has changed for the worse in recent years. “Kristen doesn’t even resemble the person that we knew from before she was with Rob,” the alleged friend tells the webloid, of course bringing Robert Pattinson in it. “She used to be a very low-key, cool girl.”

The RadarOnline “source” goes on to claim that Stewart’s allegedly “inflated ego has convinced her that even her childhood friends only want to hang out with her because of ‘who she is.'” The same supposed pal further says, “It’s really sad, and her friends are literally dropping like flies.”

What’s actually “really sad” is when an outlet resorts to attacking a celebrity out of nowhere for the sake of getting cheap traffic. RadarOnline can’t even seem to get straight whether Stewart’s friends don’t want to hang with her because she’s no longer “cool,” or whether she doesn’t want to hang with them because she doesn’t think it’s genuine. In any case, sources close to Stewart dismissed the story as garbage and “B.S.” One insider told Gossip Cop, “It’s gross.” We agree.

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