Kristen Stewart: Why I’m Sensitive

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Kristen Stewart Loaded

By Daniel Gates

Kristen Stewart Loaded

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Kristen Stewart says the reason actors seem self-obsessed is because, as artists, they need to explore their inner selves before expressing themselves outwardly. “It’s like any kind of art,” she tells Loaded in a new interview. “It’s not being an actor and being famous. If you’re not putting something back in, you’re not going to have any more to put out. So actors focus so much on themselves and what they’re doing and choosing their thing.”

The actress knows that she needs to take a break from her busy moviemaking pace. She explains, “It’s like, ‘Go live a little bit of life and then go show us something that you’ve learned, rather than obsessively focusing on your career constantly.'”

“I mean I’ve worked a lot. It’s not like I’ve taken breaks,” Stewart tells the magazine, going on to describe where her sensitivity probably originates. “Most people live their lives happily, they find who they love, they do their jobs, they have families. The impulse to make stuff is not in everyone. And most people who have that impulse are a little weird and so they need to take care of themselves. It’s like they’re a little bit more sensitive or whatever.”

The Twilight star is no stranger to popcorn entertainment, and wants to continue to make mass-audience movies in addition to independent fare. She explains, “I’m definitely so grateful to have varied experiences but I love big American blockbuster movies. I think when you do them right, they’re incredible. I grew up on them. I want to work with [Martin] Scorsese, I want to make big movies.” What do you think about what Stewart has to say?

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