MAG: Robert Pattinson Wants Kristen Stewart to Take Lie-Detector Test

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By Daniel Gates


Robert Pattinson wants Kristen Stewart to take a lie-detector test, according to an OK! magazine story all about Stewart’s alleged tactics in winning back her Twilight co-star.

The scandal-crazed tabloid, which just last week falsely accused Stewart of serial cheating, has now published a contradictory, bizarre piece claiming Pattinson was desperate and anxious to reunite with Stewart — but is also forcing her to bend over backwards to appease him. A source for OK! says of the pair’s rocky patch this summer, “She wasn’t just his girlfriend; she was his best friend. And the bottom line is that Rob couldn’t stand being away from her.”

“Rob was desperately in love with Kristen,” continues the tab’s insider. “It got to the point where he was counting the days he’d stayed away from her. Finally he just said, ‘This is punishing me more than it’s punishing her.'”

All that’s well and good… except OK! then starts alleging that Stewart is going to go to absurd lengths to prove herself worthy of a reunion. “Rob wants Kristen to take a lie-detector test, and as much as she hates the idea, it’s something she says she’ll consider,” explains the magazine’s insider. Huh?

“She’ll go into individual therapy and continue couple’s therapy, and she’ll pay for both,” continues the OK! source. “Kristen has also offered to get rid of her guy friends, cut out all contact with ex-boyfriends and stop hanging with girls who want to go out to meet guys.”

Wait a minute. Stewart is supposedly going to cut off contact with her male friends to make Pattinson happy? The tabloid’s not done yet. “She’s even given him the passwords to her phone and e-mail, but most importantly, she said she’ll trust him,” says the OK! source. “She’ll stop being insecure, and she’ll give him his space. Before she was always checking up on him and throwing jealous crying fits, but she has sworn that drama off for good.” So in this new arrangement, claims OK!, Stewart allegedly stops “being insecure” with Pattinson… but Pattinson starts giving Stewart lie-detector tests? The tab’s insider explains, “Kristen’s goal is to prove to him that she never has to look at another guy again, as long as she has him. She would love to get engaged before the end of the year.”

Oh, right, because OK! still has a b.s. wedding rumor to peddle! This is all BOGUS. NONE of what OK! is alleging here about the hoops Stewart is supposedly jumping through for Pattinson is any more accurate than recent Life & Style speculation along similar lines. But at least that story never made the ridiculous leap to “lie-detector test.” A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop the new OK! article is “laughable” and “absurd.”

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