Kristen Stewart Got “Cozy” With Woman Following Robert Pattinson Split, Says Mag

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By Daniel Gates

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Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson called time on their rocky three-year romance,” writes Star, which claims the actress is now “seeking comfort in the arms of a woman!” Um… what?!

The tabloid, which earlier this month falsely alleged Pattinson has a raging alcohol problem, says Stewart was spotted on May 14 “getting extra cozy with a mystery brunette!” “Kristen seemed down,” claims a so-called “eyewitness” for Star. “The woman kept rubbing Kristen’s back and putting her arms around her.”

The mag’s source adds, “They were so touchy-feely — and definitely seemed to have more than just a friendship going on.” Star wonders, “Could it be that Bella is done with the fellas?” Meanwhile, Gossip Cop wonders when the desperate outlet will stop printing whatever it wants about Stewart.

Rumors about Stewart being gay were not true when Perez Hilton spread them back in 2010, and they’re not true now. And the reason Star can only identify the female friend with whom Stewart got “cozy” as a “mystery brunette” is because the tab’s story is rooted in sensationalism, not facts. A source close to Stewart told Gossip Cop the latest report is “completely untrue.”

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