Perez Hilton: Kristen Stewart “Secretly Hooking Up” With Justin Theroux

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By Michael Lewittes


Kristen Stewart Secretly Hooking Up With Jennifer Aniston’s Fiance Justin Theroux?” begins an article by Perez Hilton, who goes on to editorialize that the Snow White and the Huntsman star “looooves other lady’s fellas!” According to the bad blogger, while Aniston and Robert Pattinson “were left at home,” Stewart and Theroux “met up at Chateau Marmont for a very flirtatious chat.”

“It all started when KStew approached Justin, who was enjoying a drink with a pal,” writes Perez. He then quotes a so-called “source” as saying, “Within the first few minutes, Kristen had already begun flirting it up with Justin. The conversation must have given Justin’s friend the hint to leave them alone to chat because that is exactly what he did! During their hour-long hangout sesh, the flirtatious Kristen did not seem coy about making her intentions known to Justin.”

Perez adds that “the seXXXy exchange” included lots of “giggles — and even touching hands!” But that’s not all. The blogger further editorializes, “We’ve heard the Twilight star has been two-timing poor Rob since day one… We wouldn’t put it past her to pull another Rupert Sanders!”

Perez then notes that both Aniston and Pattinson have “been cheated on before, and neither deserve to be made fools again!” Of course, the only fool here is Perez. In under 200 words, he made a series of glaring errors. First, Perez stole this story from none other than Star without bothering to fact-check its claims. He’s also wrong about Stewart “two-timing poor Rob since day one,” baseless speculation that Gossip Cop previously debunked.

But more importantly, a source close to Theroux assures us this supposed “hooking up,” as Perez alleges, NEVER HAPPENED. There was NO “flirting.” There was NO “touching hands.” There was NO “seXXXy exchange.” Our Theroux insider tells Gossip Cop the whole tale is “absurd” and “false.” Once again, Perez couldn’t get a story right if we spotted him the R-I-G-H and even T.

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