Kristen Stewart and Jim Sturgess Linked In Blog’s Ridiculous “Chemistry” Rumor

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Jim Sturgess and Kristen Stewart

By Daniel Gates

Jim Sturgess and Kristen Stewart


As soon as Kristen Stewart joined The Big Shoe, Gossip Cop had a feeling some desperate outlet of dubious credibility would start rumors about her and co-star Jim Sturgess and somehow drag in Robert Pattinson.

Hello, HollywoodLife! Jay Penske’s fiction-clogged Internet rag has buried itself with repeated bogus assertions of Stewart and Pattinson separating, and is now scrambling to stir up more salacious stories to distract readers from what’s become a ghastly track record of sensationalism and speculation.

To prime the pump of the Stewart-Sturgess rumor mill, a HollywoodLife “source” (cough, cough) has fed the webloid fabricated quotes implying that the “chemistry” between the stars could lead to something more, even though both of them already have significant others. “Kristen may be substituting one Brit for another!” shrieks the blog, trolling fans with the useless statement, “Robsten fans may have a reason to be nervous — Jim possesses a lot of qualities that Kristen desires.” Uh, huh. Here’s what HollywoodLife’s (manufactured) Sturgess “source” says:

Jim was in town last week for pre-production meetings on his new movie with Kristen and they got along really well! Jim is super shy and unassuming, he’s actually a lot like Rob – really polite and he has the cutest British accent. It’s quite posh, just like Rob’s. Jim and Kristen have major chemistry, they really seem to click. They were talking up a storm about England and how bad the weather is there. They talked about their dogs and music. Jim is a really talented musician, so they connected on that a lot too.

Wow… is that fake-sounding. So are Stewart and Sturgess going to take things to the next level? HollywoodLife knows its own rumor mongering is bogus, so the webloid’s “source” is sure to add:

There wasn’t any over the top flirting or anything, but Kristen was enjoying herself, she kept touching her hair and she was laughing a lot. Jim has a girlfriend and Kristen is back with Rob, so it’s totally professional between them right now.

Oh, so this entire article was a crass exercise in empty, reckless sensationalism? How not at all shocking for HollywoodLies. By the way, we especially enjoy how the “source” slips into the story the fact that Stewart and Pattinson are still together, going against everything HollywoodLife has said for weeks. There’s obviously nothing going on between Stewart and Sturgess, despite HollywoodLife’s policy of printing fan fiction as journalism.

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