Site Twists Kristen Stewart Interview Into Plea for “Sexual Freedom”

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By Daniel Gates


This is how an outlet that regularly fails basic reading comprehension writes a headline. HollywoodLife, experts in confusion and little else, cobbled together its latest misleading story after reading a Kristen Stewart interview in Jalouse magazine concerning her new role in On The Road.

Talking about her character Marylou’s relationship with Garrett Hedlund’s Dean Moriarty, Stewart says (in HollywoodLife’s translation), “Something probably awoke in her thanks to him. She was a being that freed herself from the inhibition, she wasn’t someone who’s fearful.” Stewart continues, “Her eyes are wide open when it comes to life, no judgements, she’s able to find the beauty in all of us. I envy her.”

HollywoodLife’s interpretation? “Kristen Stewart: I Wish I Had More Sexual Freedom.” Wait… where did… when did she say… WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!? We’re trying to follow HollywoodLife’s “logic” here. Apparently, because Stewart expresses admiration for a character who lets go of fear and judgement; and because that character, explains the site, “sleeps around with her husband’s friends”; and because Robert Pattinson recently wore a “swingers” shirt… Stewart herself is allegedly declaring a “wish” for more “sexual freedom.”

The webloid shrieks, “We are SHOCKED to hear that Kristen wishes she could be as sexually free as Marylou!” and adds, “We wonder if Kristen is sending Rob a message telling him to amp up their sexual life.” Really? Because we’re shocked that HollywoodLife still has the gall to call its daily pile-up of twisted words and general sloppiness a “celebrity news” site. This isn’t the first time the outlet has been confused about where movies end and reality begins. We’re sure it won’t be the last.

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