Kristen Stewart Instagram Is FAKE — New Alleged Account NOT Star’s (EXCLUSIVE)

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Kristen Stewart Instagram

By Daniel Gates |

Kristen Stewart Instagram


Kristen Stewart does NOT have a public Instagram account. The @K.J.Stewart account is FAKE, a source close to Stewart tells Gossip Cop exclusively.

Early on Thursday, several pictures, including the one at right, were uploaded to a new account for the Instagram user @K.J.Stewart, calling itself the “official account for Kristen Stewart.” The first picture was captioned, “Hello Instagram.” The next few images were intended to make fans think the real Stewart was posting them. “Miss my hair,” wrote the user next to a shot of Stewart’s old hairdo.

Less careful outlets immediately took the bait. The Daily Mail announced, “The world is about to get their first glance into the private world of Kristen Stewart. The Hollywood star has opened a public Instagram account and posted a series of selfies and snaps, despite being against social media for years.”

“Looks like Kristen Stewart might finally be opening up on social media!” declared HollywodLife. “An Instagram account claiming to be the Twilight star has surfaced, and she’s posted the cutest pics!”

But only Gossip Cop got the answer. It’s “NOT TRUE” that Stewart is using @K.J.Stewart on Instagram, a source close to the star tells Gossip Cop exclusively. Sorry to disappoint.


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