Kristen Stewart “Jealous Rage” at Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Aniston, Katy Perry?

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By Daniel Gates


Kristen Stewart has exploded in a jealous rage at rival actresses Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lawrence, as well as singer Katy Perry,” sources tell the National Enquirer. A “worried friend” informs the tabloid that Stewart is “losing her grip on reality.” We’re also worried… about the Enquirer.

So what is behind this totally bizarre story? Stewart is “said to be having a confidence crisis,” explains the magazine. “Kristen’s feeling very sorry for herself,” a source tells the Enquirer, which has put out some pretty sorry “reporting” on Stewart in recent weeks. Um… what does any of this have to do with Aniston, Lawrence and Perry?

“Seeing Jennifer Lawrence being worshipped on the red carpet, winning a Golden Globe and getting nominated for Oscars has really gotten to her,” alleges the tabloid. “She’s come out of nowhere and is getting the adulation that Kristen used to dream about.” We’re not really sure where the Enquirer’s been, but Lawrence was nominated for an Oscar two years ago, and has certainly not “come out of nowhere.” And the supposed rivalry between the two actresses, both of whom have blockbuster franchises under their belts in their early 20s, was laughed off long ago.

What about Aniston? “Kristen’s always been a big fan of Aniston’s deadly rival Angelina Jolie and has never really rated Jen as an actress,” a different “source” tells the Enquirer. “She can’t understand why Jen manages to hog the headlines every time with very little effort.” We love how the Enquirer is trying to drag Stewart into the Jolie-Aniston feud it’s been overhyping with more and more desperation for years, especially the bizarre implication that press-shy Stewart supposedly wishes she could “hog the headlines.”

But the dumbest part of the story might be the Enquirer claim that Stewart was upset about Perry finishing first in a Men’s Health ranking of the “Hottest Women of 2013.” “Kristen couldn’t believe that Katy Perry was No. 1 on that list,” an “insider” tells the magazine. “She’s known Katy for years and doesn’t think she looks that hot, especially without her makeup.” Uh-huh. Kristen Stewart is supposedly “losing her grip on reality” and in a “jealous rage” because Men’s Health thinks Katy Perry is hot.

Look, we understand why the Enquirer is feeling so desperate. Its sources have consistently been wrong on everything about Stewart. The outlet has been embarrassed repeatedly, consequently resorting to even sillier non-stories about the Snow White and the Huntsman star. But this report about Stewart launching “vicious attacks” on Lawrence, Aniston and Perry really shows just how badly the Enquirer has to reach these days. A source close to the actress literally laughed at the mag’s latest report, assuring Gossip Cop it’s “totally absurd.”

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