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When It Comes to Rob and Kristen Reporting, More! Mag is Less

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By Daniel Gates


Yet another tabloid is doing its best to blur the lines between Breaking Dawn and reality — at the same time playing lame tricks with a Kristen Stewart “interview.”

More! magazine claims to “hear marriage could be on the cards” for Stewart and Robert Pattinson, who’s supposedly “hinted to his friends that this could be a turning point in his life” and that “he wants to make a commitment.”

The premise (or at least what passes for one) is that Pattinson “knows things will change” after the Twilight films wrap, so he’s allegedly hustling to lock down a real-life engagement with his on-screen bride.

While the story lacks the absurd nuances of the recent National Enquirer story that insisted Pattinson had designed a special ring and planned to propose right after Bella Swan and Edward Cullen marry in the movie, it does cling to the same ridiculous notion — that the couple’s relationship is totally dependent on their involvement in Breaking Dawn.

Enough already.

Stewart and Pattinson are very young and very private. It’s past time for the endless tabloid chatter about how production schedules dictate their personal lives to quiet down.

Particularly galling about the More! article, however, is the magazine’s description of how Stewart “sat down” to chat before filming in Louisiana began.

Readers could be forgiven for assuming the tab spoke with the actress exclusively and recently. Neither is true.

Instead, we get recycled quotes from other sources, cobbled together to make it seem like a timely, coherent Q&A.

Stewart talks about her distaste for media training, at one point supposedly musing, “F*** you. You think you’re going to put soundbites in my mouth?”

That’s great and all, but the Telegraph had awfully similar quotes from Stewart… in September.

“My mum was a history major at school, and she was really intrigued by Vlad the Impaler,” More! quotes Stewart as saying. “So she loves vampires and pirates and is really into Twilight.”

Interestingly enough, Stewart gave an almost identical answer to the Mirror… last July.

Gossip Cop could keep going, but it’s exhausting enough to stay on top of current inaccurate rumors spread about Breaking Dawn and its cast. Outlets that pretend to have access or insight without even inventing a fresh angle just annoy us.

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