Kristen Stewart Did NOT Call Robert Pattinson’s Girlfriend FKA Twigs “Fugly,” Despite Made Up HollywoodLife Story

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Kristen Stewart Diss FKA Twigs Looks

By Michael Lewittes


Kristen Stewart Diss FKA Twigs Looks

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Kristen Stewart did not call Robert Pattinson’s new girlfriend FKA Twigs “fugly,” despite a disgusting new report. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk this childish and mean-spirited story seemingly fabricated for hits by HollywoodLife, an outlet that day in and day out posts lies about Stewart, Pattinson and Twigs. Let us be very clear here, Stewart never called Twigs “fugly.” HollywoodLife did when it made up that and other fake quotes.

Just hours after Gossip Cop busted the untrustworthy webloid for making up a story that Stewart is moving far away from the Hollywood Hill because the Los Angeles native is afraid she’ll run into her ex with Twigs, the outlet is back to spreading more lies about the stars. According to HollywoodLife’s latest completely untrue tale, “In a conversation with close friends at a recent party in Silverlake, Los Angeles, Kristen dissed Twigs’ looks… calling her fugly.” Of course, HollywoodLies, er, HollywoodLife doesn’t mention when the party was or who’s party it was because there was no party. HollywoodLife made up this false story.

The webloid then had the audacity to build on its lie, speculating that Stewart “must be really hurting” by Pattinson’s relationship with Twigs. But HollywoodLife would not know that because the site does not have any legitimate Stewart sources. If they did, they would not have wrongly claimed last year that Stewart secretly reunited with Rupert Sanders or “seething” over Pattinson dating Riley Keough. As everyone knows, Stewart didn’t reunite with Sanders nor was there anything for her to seethe over because, as Gossip Cop exclusively reported at the time, Pattinson never dated her friend Keough.

True fans of Stewart know that the Still Alice actress is far too classy to ever disrespect another woman by calling her “fugly,” no matter what. HollywoodLife needs to stop “reporting” on the alleged “love triangle” of Stewart, Pattinson and Twigs that only exists in the webloid’s fictional tales. Gossip Cop reached out to a source close to Stewart, who after mocking HollywoodLife and the imaginary world it lives in, confirm exclusively to us that bogus blog’s latest story is “complete bullsh*t.”

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