Kristen Stewart Not “Disgusted” By FKA Twigs Vogue Piece, Despite Insane Report

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Kristen Stewart FKA Twigs Vogue

By Daniel Gates

Kristen Stewart FKA Twigs Vogue

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Kristen Stewart and FKA Twigs are subjected to more tasteless, off-base speculation in a new post from Celeb Dirty Laundry, an outlet that has been hammering the women and Robert Pattinson for weeks, trying to create a toxic love triangle that simply doesn’t exist. Gossip Cop keeps getting asked about the blog’s stories, and it seems like the more ridiculous the allegation, the more traction it gets online. The latest CDL report is particularly bad.

According to the outlet, “Kristen Stewart is disgusted because she knows that without Robert Pattinson as her boyfriend Vogue would never feature FKA Twigs nor award the singer 2015 Breakout Star title.” This refers to the publication’s recent feature on the musician, in which Vogue refers to her as the “next style breakout star.” There’s no actual prize, and there’s no annual award that Twigs beat out anyone to win. It was just a nice compliment from Vogue.

Anyway, Celeb Dirty Laundry continues, “In fact this latest travesty just convinces Kristen Stewart that FKA Twigs is still using Robert Pattinson to boost her career… She never would have gotten this feature or title without her relationship with Robert Pattinson.” Again, this “title” is not a title. It was just a phrase Vogue used. As for her fame as Pattinson’s girlfriend, it’s true that Twigs has gained more notoriety since entering the high-profile relationship. It’s ALSO true that she was already becoming famous before Pattinson, and that Vogue barely even mentions him.

“There’s also the question of just how much Robert Pattinson realizes, and by extension, how his ex-girlfriend Kristen Stewart feels about the whole ordeal,” the site continues. “Kristen Stewart has remained single for two years, and many of our sources claim that she’s just waiting for Rob to come to his senses and dump FKA Twigs. However, whether he does that or not, Kristen’s probably seething at FKA’s inclusion in Vogue Magazine.”

OK, a few things. First, this tired notion routinely being trotted out by CDL and other outlets that Pattinson is being duped by Twigs has to stop. By the webloid’s logic, Pattinson can only date women who are MORE famous than he is, because that would mean he’s not being used. Of course, then HE’D supposedly be using his more famous girlfriends. So really, there’s no winning for him.

Second, Stewart has not been “waiting” for Pattinson to become single again to date her. Pattinson was single before he and Twigs began dating, and he didn’t get back together with Stewart then. And Stewart has looked quite happy being single herself. It’s the webloids and Twilight fan fiction writers who won’t drop the idea that Stewart and Pattinson HAVE to be together at all costs. They’ve both moved on.

Finally, Stewart does NOT care about Twigs being in Vogue. Stewart is a movie star. She’s busy promoting movies. She’s not concerned about magazine articles that have literally NOTHING to do with her. She’s “probably seething,” says CDL? Nice “reporting.” And there’s no looming fight between Stewart and Twigs, despite the constant attention given to this phony “feud” by facts-challenged sites like Celeb Dirty Laundry and HollywoodLife. A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop, “This is crazy. There’s no bad blood. Everyone is happy.”

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