Kristen Stewart Victim Of HollywoodLife Flip-Flop On FKA Twigs, Robert Pattinson

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Kristen Stewart FKA Twigs

By Daniel Gates

Kristen Stewart FKA Twigs


HollywoodLife has spent years making up stories about Kristen Stewart, and with her ex-boyfriend Robert Pattinson now spending time with FKA Twigs, a whole new era of bad reporting has begun, including some fresh flip-flopping on how Stewart allegedly feels about their relationship.

On September 25, a HollywoodLife “exclusive!” alleged that Stewart was hung up on Pattinson and that his new relationship “stings.” “Let’s just put it this way, Kristen is just glad she’s not in LA,” a phony source told HollywoodLife. “The last thing she would want is to run into them. It’s just weird still. Still a sensitive issue.”

OK, so here’s HollywoodLife’s ‘exclusive’ claim: Kristen Stewart feels weird about Robert Pattinson’s dating life and it’s a “sensitive issue.”

On Tuesday, another HollywoodLife “exclusive!” arrived — and, not surprisingly — contradicted the earlier “exclusive” about how Stewart supposedly felt about Pattinson’s new girlfriend. “Kristen sees Rob as a high school relationship. It was something that she will remember forever but she has moved on,” a source explains to the webloid. “She is now in her college years, so to speak, to discover the woman she actually has and wants to become. She pays no attention or cares who FKA twigs is and only hopes the best for Rob.”

The HollywoodLife insider adds, “To say that she is jealous or thinks about him or anything along those lines is not really accurate. She has her own life to live.” Then the blog refers to FKA Twigs allegedly dissing Stewart, which, again, never happened, before contradicting itself within the same article, writing that everyone is “at peace with one another!”

OK, so here’s HollywoodLife’s new ‘exclusive’ claim: Kristen Stewart does NOT feel weird about Robert Pattinson’s dating life and “pays no attention” to it.

Allow Gossip Cop to explain what really happened here: HollywoodLife initially hoped that there’d be drama between Stewart and Twigs, called the situation “sensitive,” tried to inflame a rumor about Twigs dissing Stewart, realized that this phony narrative was a dead end, and then backtracked to saying that everything is peaceful among everyone.

Anyone who read HollywoodLife in recent weeks would have been confused; anyone who read Gossip Cop got accurate reporting and none of the sensational b.s. lesser outlets use as click bait.

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Kristen Stewart is still hung up on Robert Pattinson.

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