Kristen Stewart: “I’ve Always Been Very Driven By The Gut”

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Kristen Stewart Emotions

By Daniel Gates

Kristen Stewart Emotions

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Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult answered questions about their upcoming sci-fi drama Equals during a Saturday press conference in Tokyo. The movie, about a future world without emotions, features the duo as humans infected with a disease that allows them to feel — and leads to their exile from society.

“I’m definitely not afraid of ‘feels.’ My life revolves around it actually,” Stewart told reporters. “Finding the balance between the head and the heart is important but I’ve always been very driven by the gut.”

She added, “Every thought or articulated emotion starts in shapes and colors and putting your finger on that is cool, but it’s not necessary.”

For Hoult’s part, the actor is also happy not to live in the movie’s emotionless void. “That obviously would be the easy way out, but no, I like to feel everything,” he explained. “Feel the highs and the lows.”

Stewart and Hoult’s collaboration on Equals has already led outlets like HollywoodLife to stir baseless speculation about a real-life romance — rumors we expect to persist throughout production.

While many actors and actresses have fallen in love on movie sets, and countless more in the future, it’s not a given that two single co-stars will develop a relationship, despite what the tabloids try peddling to readers. And Stewart has been a victim of such nonsense before, such as when she starred in On The Road with Garrett Hedlund.

Stewart and Hoult are both talented actors working on a highly-anticipated film. That should be enough to satisfy appetites.

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