Kristen Stewart Has Not “Sworn Off” Men, Despite Ridiculous Report

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Kristen Stewart Done With Men

By Daniel Gates

Kristen Stewart Done With Men

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Kristen Stewart has not “sworn off” men, despite a ridiculous HollywoodLife report. We will not detail here HollywoodLife’s years-long assault on facts and reality when it comes to Stewart. Calling HollywoodLife’s reporting “catastrophically bad” is an understatement. But this latest story is one of the dumbest things HollywoodLife has written about Stewart and her ex-boyfriend Robert Pattinson in recent memory.

The two stars both happened to attend last weekend’s Hollywood Film Awards. They didn’t interact, and there was no drama. Any outlet operating about a junior-high mindset would assume there was no story there, because there WAS no story there. Stewart and Pattinson broke up a long time ago. There was no reason for them to talk, just because they happened to be in the same room, along with hundreds of other people.

But HollywoodLife is written for middle schoolers, or at least people who think on a middle school level. And that’s how we get this latest report, which claims Stewart is “now taking some drastic measures to heal her broken heart” after she and Pattinson failed to connect at the Hollywood Film Awards. Yes, HollywoodLife believes that Stewart’s heart was broken last Friday when she and Pattinson didn’t “chit chat” for a few seconds.

Here’s what a made-up source hilariously tells HollywoodLife: Stewart has “sworn off guys for the rest of the year and possibly into the new year. She doesn’t want the drama. Kristen wants to be 100% focused on her art work when she moves into her downtown loft in Los Angeles.”

“She knows all too well the complications that come with fame and being in a relationship that’s scrutinized by the public,” adds the HollywoodLife insider. “She won’t do that to herself again — at least not for the time being… Rob will forever be her true first love and she doesn’t feel the need to find a replacement.”

Quick translation: Kristen Stewart is not currently dating anyone, and because HollywoodLife needs to say something sensational, it wants to make it seem, using completely unnatural quotes, as though she’s only single because of her heartbreak over Pattinson. Heartbreak that is supposedly new as of Friday, even though Stewart and Pattinson broke up so long ago everyone except HollywoodLife and the most ardent “Robsten” fans stopped talking about it before 2014 even began.

Stewart and Pattinson both moved on. Pattinson is dating FKA Twigs. At some point, Stewart will date someone new. She is not fixated on her “true first love.” She is not avoiding relationships because of her “fame,” which isn’t going anywhere. And Gossip Cop GUARANTEES that when Stewart starts dating a new man, HollywoodLife will insist she’s “sending a message” to Pattinson or that she’s trying to make him jealous. When we asked an actual source close to Stewart whether she’s “sworn off men” because she’s upset about Pattinson, we were told, “That’s idiotic.”

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