MAG: Kristen Stewart “Living On” Dangerous Diet of Red Bull and Cigarettes

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By Daniel Gates


“Heartbroken and ashamed over her scandalous affair, ‘Twilight’ star Kristen Stewart has virtually stopped eating and is basically ‘living on’ a dangerous diet of Red Bull and cigarettes,” sources tell the National Enquirer.

The magazine claims “friends are horrified” at Stewart’s allegedly “gaunt appearance.”

A so-called “insider” for the Enquirer says, “Kristen is a nervous wreck and existing on a diet of cigarettes, sugar-free Red Bull and the occasional bag of potato chips.”

According to the tabloid, Stewart’s loved ones “are deeply concerned about her mental state and physical well-being.”


This is flat out wrong.

With Stewart temporarily out of the public eye in the wake of her Rupert Sanders indiscretion, the Enquirer feels emboldened to make the type of alarmist, irresponsible health scare allegations the mag is famous for spreading.

Last year, the mag falsely claimed Robert Pattinson had a “drinking problem” so severe his friends worried he’d become a “Hollywood casualty.”

The Enquirer has published gross, sensationalized health stories about everyone from Oprah to Jessica Simpson.

It wrongly alleged Angelina Jolie was addicted to diet pills.

The magazine routinely spreads false rumors about celebs’ shocking weight loss and family interventions and medical emergencies, all in a bid to sensationalize and scare.

Moreover, tabloids are currently in a frenzy trying to add angles to the Stewart-Pattinson situation.

That’s how we wind up with drivel like the Enquirer’s story about Stewart’s supposed “dangerous diet.”

Sources close to the actress tell Gossip Cop it’s a total fabrication, with one insider noting that Stewart gave up cigarettes a while ago and never drinks Red Bull.

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