Kristen Stewart NOT Studying Buddhism; HollywoodLife Wrong Yet Again

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By Daniel Gates

Kristen Stewart Buddhism


Kristen Stewart Studying Buddhism After Robert Pattinson Split,” reports HollywoodLife, a regularly discredited garbage heap that fancies itself a celebrity “news” site.

Following a full week of misleading readers into thinking Pattinson and Riley Keough were dating, HollywoodLife sics its ill-informed “sources” on Stewart. “Kristen is having a hard time getting over Rob, so she is being creative,” claims the site, “exclusively” reporting that “Kristen is turning to religion to help bring her ‘inner peace.” OK.

Nothing wrong with someone seeking “inner peace,” but given the alternate reality from which HollywoodLife spews many of its Stewart stories, Gossip Cop was curious to see what support the blog had for its claim. Stewart is “turning to Buddhism” to help her get over the Pattinson split, says the site, which found a “source close to the actress” to provide a quote:

Kristen has been studying Nichiren Buddhism. It’s a type of Buddhism, where you chant Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo. Chanting is suppose to help you through tough times and bring you inner peace and ultimate happiness.Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr also practice the same type of Buddhism. She has a couple of friends who practice and they encouraged her to get involved.

Very natural-sounding (cough). But is it true? NO. Gossip Cop found out that — surprise! — HollywoodLife’s sources fabricated the Buddhism report. A source who’s been in contact with Stewart in the last week tells Gossip Cop it’s completely “made up,” and wondered where HollywoodLife got its story. We’ve given up trying to figure out where the site comes up with this stuff.

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