Kristen Stewart At “All-Time Low,” Declares Clueless Tabloid

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Kristen Stewart Alicia Cargile

By Daniel Gates


Kristen Stewart Alicia Cargile

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Kristen Stewart has hit an “all-time low,” reports OK!, an outlet that’s familiar with the territory. According to the tab’s latest journalistic failure, the actress is breaking down.

“She was devastated when [Robert Pattinson] dumped her, and now that her relationship with Alicia [Cargile] has gone south, she’s a wreck,” explains a source for the sloppy magazine, which recently ran a bogus story about Pattinson calling Stewart a lesbian.

OK! claims Stewart is “reliving all the old pain” of her tumultuous past. “She cries all the time,” alleges the tab’s source. “She worries she’ll never love again.” Uh-huh. Is this kinda like that time last year when OK! made up a story about Stewart going bald because of stress.

Enough. Stewart didn’t date Cargile, she’s not overwhelmed by pain, and she’s not at an “all-time low.” A source close to Stewart exclusively tells Gossip Cop there’s “no truth” to her alleged “breakdown.” Of course, outlets have again and again have declared Stewart to be in the throes of a meltdown, including OK!. It’s never been true. And Gossip Cop has been right all along. We will continue to separate fact from fiction as the tabloids tell more tall tales about the star.

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