Kristen Stewart “Boob Job” Report Busted

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By Daniel Gates


Star magazine claims Kristen Stewart had a “boob job.”

According to the tab, “A short skirt wasn’t the only new thing Kristen Stewart was sporting during Comic-Con in San Diego on July 12.”

“The Twilight Saga beauty’s supernatural-looking bust — prominent in a black bra under a tight white belly-baring shirt — sparked rumors that she’d gotten implants,” adds the mag.

The tabloid then gets a random plastic surgeon to say, “Her breasts have gone from what looked like a large A cup to a large B cup.”

This doctor, who has absolutely nothing to do with Stewart, offers, “While this might be the result of a new, state-of-the-art bra, it’s most likely the result of a breast augmentation.”

Star’s story is absolute, total b.s.

Stewart has not had a “boob job,” period.

It’s a complete fabrication, as was Star’s completely made-up story way back in November 2010 that claimed Stewart was determined to get her breasts done and had to be talked out of it.

The tabloid was spreading false rumors then, and it’s doing the same now.

A source close to Stewart tells Gossip Cop the magazine’s latest gross speculation about the actress’ body is “untrue” and “ridiculous.”

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