Kristen Johnston Reveals She’s Been “Really Sick” with Rare Form of Lupus

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By Daniel Gates

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Kristen Johnston has revealed that she’s been “really, really sick” with a rare form of lupus.

The “3rd Rock From the Sun” actress, who had to take medical leave from her new show “The Exes” this fall, explained what’s been going on with her in a series of Facebook posts.

She wrote, “Short(ish) version: I’ve been really, really sick since early Sept. Full body muscle weakness to the extent that just walking difficult, stairs impossible and I even need a neck brace to hold my head up.”

Johnston later added, “Through the fall, I shot as much of The Exes as I possibly could, but eventually I did have to (BEGRUDGINGLY) miss two episodes.”

“After 4 months & 17 Drs (no lie) I’ve FINALLY been diagnosed with a rare auto-immune disorder,” explained the actress.

Johnston was initially reluctant to name the specific disease, but did so in a separate post.

“I just was diagnosed 2 days ago with a rare form of Lupus called ‘Lupus Myelitis’ –google it,” she wrote on Thursday. “I’m not on my death bed…far from it. I’m gonna be fine. I just wanted to have a few weeks of privacy to navigate it & receive treatment.”

Lupus myelitis is a form of the disease affecting the spinal cord.

Gossip Cop wishes Johnston a speedy recovery.

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