Kristen Bell: “Get Over” Public Breastfeeding — “They’re Just Boobs!”

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By Michael Lewittes

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Kristen Bell opens up in a new interview about how her life has changed since her very public boycott of paparazzi photos of celebrity children, and also talks about attachment parenting, public breastfeeding, and husband Dax Shepard.

When asked about how her campaign for a No Kids Policy to stop cameramen from photographing children had affected her life, Bell tells Redbook, “We simply aren’t followed anymore.” “We have peace, quiet, and the ability to be a normal family out and about in the suburbs of Los Angeles,” says the mother of one.

The Veronica Mars actress shares that not only is her daughter, Lincoln, now safe from the paparazzi lens, but it has also improved the lives of other celebrity moms. “Michelle Williams has told me it’s made quite a difference, which makes me very grateful because I think she’s gotten the brunt of a lot of it,” says Bell. “Jennifer Garner has said it’s made a difference. Hearing those kinds of things and knowing how much worse their kids have gotten it makes me very happy.”

As for the attachment parenting craze, Bell admits she’s “taken a very casual approach” by comparison. “We didn’t co-sleep other than the first few weeks,” says the actress. “Lincoln sleeps wonderfully on her own and likes being in her crib by herself, and I let her breastfeed until she decided she was done.”

The Frozen star notes, “I definitely value giving her alone time so that when she inevitably isn’t the center of everyone’s universe when she gets a little bit older, it doesn’t feel like the rug is pulled out from underneath her.”

Bell, who tweeted about breastfeeding pumps backstage at the CMT Awards last year, says people need to “get over” breastfeeding in public. “They’re just boobs!” declares the actress. “Calm down. They’re under our shirt whether you’re looking at them or not.”

As for her relationship with Shepard, Bell says, “I love him just as much as the day I met him, partly because he’s so funny.” “He constantly jokes with me about how itchy our relationship feels at seven years, which very much keeps me laughing, because I know he’s joking,” she explains, adding, “We have really good communication skills. I think that’s what allows us to survive.”

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