Kris Jenner Hiding “Sex Tape”?

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By Daniel Gates


Kris Jenner “could be hiding a secret sex tape,” claims the National Enquirer. The tabloid declares that if the footage exists, “it could destroy both her marriage and career!” What is this all about? Well, the Enquirer, which has previously spread false sex tape rumors about everyone from Angelina Jolie to David Letterman, claims “insiders believe the mastermind of the Kardashian empire may have been caught on video during the 1980s, when she and her late husband Robert lived a wild lifestyle.”

“The incredible sex tape could now, after all these years, hit the market because of her huge success and threaten her estimated $75 million fortune,” explains the tabloid. Of course, the Enquirer ignores the fact that Jenner has been wealthy and well-known for years at this point, without any such footage surfacing.

What makes the magazine think there’s a tape in the first place? A single source informs the Enquirer that the late Robert Kardashian once told his pal O.J. Simpson that he “overheard Kris telling her girlfriend all about the scandalous tape.” According to the tab, Kardashian then supposedly confronted Jenner, who allegedly laughed off his concerns and said she was just trying to teach him a lesson about eavesdropping. “Robert wasn’t sure what to believe,” explains the Enquirer source.

Wait a minute. So Jenner’s late husband, who’s been deceased for nearly a decade, allegedly told O.J. Simpson — who’s currently incarcerated and did not talk to the Enquirer — that decades ago he overheard Jenner talking about a sex tape, even though she was probably joking? THAT is what the Enquirer is basing everything on? The tabloid has NOTHING else even approaching specific details — no notion of when the alleged tape was made, or with whom, or whether it even exists.

What the Enquirer actually does have is a recent track record suggesting the publication will print wild allegations about Jenner and her family, especially bogus stories claiming Jenner’s marriage is on the verge of collapse. For years, the magazine has been wrong about Jenner, and this new, comically unsubstantiated “sex tape” story is yet another example. A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop the Enquirer report is “100 percent false.”

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