Kris Jenner Letting Scott Disick Destroy Himself & Family For Ratings, Claims Tab

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Scott Disick Kris Jenner

By Daniel Gates

Scott Disick Kris Jenner

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Kris Jenner is NOT letting Scott Disick destroy himself and his family for ratings, despite a ridiculous tabloid report. Gossip Cop can bust this story, which first appeared in OK!, an outlet that has been running false rumors about Jenner for years, including a recent cover story wrongly alleging that her divorce was pitting the Jenner and Kardashian children against each other.

Now OK! is reporting that Kris Jenner is willing to “sacrifice” her daughter Kourtney’s happiness for ratings by letting “bottle-loving Scott drink up.” The magazine claims Jenner has been “standing idly by” while Disick “overimbibes and loses control, effectively turning Kourtney against the father of her children.”

A source tells OK! that at Jenner’s recent birthday soiree, she exploited Disick’s love of drinking and partying and “certainly wasn’t showing any concern for Scott or how her pregnant daughter might feel. Her only worry seemed to be when their drinks stopped flowing. She just wants maximum drama for the cameras.” Jenner is said to be neglecting any issues Disick might have with alcohol in order to heighten the chaos on their reality show.

Another of the tabloid’s supposed insiders explains, “She’s not taking Scott’s vulnerability into consideration… By ignoring Scott’s problems, she’s driving a wedge between herself and her daughter.” Uh-huh. Is this like how Jenner was supposedly “dumped” and “betrayed” by her daughters back in August, as OK! claimed? Because that was not true, as evidenced by the fact that NOTHING CHANGED between Jenner and her daughters in the months following that allegation.

In the past, OK! has said Jenner was forcing her daughter Khloe to date online for cash. It alleged she was forcing Kim to pick between her and Kanye West. The supposed family strife never ends, according to the tabloid. Meanwhile, none of the mag’s sensational claims about the Kardashians turn out to be true. A rep for Jenner shoots down this most recent report claiming she’s sacrificing Disick’s health and his relationship with Kourtney for ratings. Given the tab’s track record, we have no reason to believe there’s anything to it.

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