CLAIM: Kanye West and Kris Jenner War Ended By Kim Kardashian “Hysterics”

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By Daniel Gates

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The National Enquirer has long been falsely reporting about a supposed war between Kris Jenner and Kanye West. With the news that West will be doing an hour-long interview on Jenner’s show this week, the tabloid had to find a way to dig itself out of a big hole. That’s why the Enquirer is now saying that Kim Kardashian’s alleged “hysterics” prompted a truce between her baby daddy and her mom. Uh-huh.

The same outlet that once outrageously reported that Kardashian was “faking her pregnancy” wants everyone to think it has actual sources close to the star. “Kim was in constant tears because both controlling Kris and domineering Kanye kept demanding things be done their way!” says a so-called “family insider” for the Enquirer. The fake tabloid source — who conveniently talks in giant paragraphs — continues, “Kanye insisted Kim should lay back, relax, and enjoy beautiful moments with their little Nori. But Kris had people in the house constantly, bringing them in to see the baby.”

“Worse, she kept bombarding Kim with new projects, story ideas for their show, photo shoots, etc. Then it all came to a head when Kanye erupted, forbidding Kris from talking shop to her daughter — that’s when Kim finally broke down in tears, begging them to stop,” explains the Enquirer insider. Kardashian’s crying is said to have ended the West-Jenner hostilities. “Her obvious pain finally made Kris and Kanye come to their senses,” continues the tabloid’s verbose source. “Realizing their bad blood was making Kim a wreck, they sat down and made amends, vowing to get along with each other for her sake!”

None of this happened. The war between Jenner and West never happened. The emotionally charged, dramatic truce never happened. West and Jenner were too busy having fun with the rest of the family. A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop the Enquirer story is “laughable” and “untrue.”

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