CLAIM: Kris Jenner Trying To Make Khloe Kardashian Dump French Montana

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By Daniel Gates

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Khloe Kardashian’s boyfriend French Montana is hated by the rest of her family, reports Life & Style, which claims Kris Jenner wants her daughter to dump the rapper.

The magazine explains, “They wanted her to move on from her cheating, drug-abusing husband Lamar Odom, but not with someone even worse.”

“The whole family hates French. They think he’s a bad guy for Khloe and a bad image for the family,” a “close friend” tells Life & Style.

According to the outlet, “they’re desperate to intervene — and convince Khloe to end things now.”

The tabloid contends that Jenner’s friendliness with Montana is all a front.

“Kris is freaking out,” the “friend” says to the magazine. “She has enlisted the whole family to intervene and tell Khloe that French is bad news.”

The Life & Style source adds, “Kris is worried that Khloe is heading down a destructive path with French, so she’s trying to drop hints to get her to consider going back to her husband.”

“But she’s completely under French’s influence,” says the tabloid, which goes on to suggest that Kardashian is partying and drinking too much, and hanging out with the wrong people these days.

Life & Style alleges, “Yet Khloe’s so swept up in her infatuation, she refuses to listen to reason.”

Um, considering some of the absurd and completely false things the magazine has said about the family over the years, we’d say Khloe is not the one being unreasonable.

This latest report about the Kardashians supposedly wanting to force her to dump Montana is just more of the same nonsense.

A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop there’s “no truth” to it.

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