Kris Jenner “Drunk” And Getting Dumped By Bruce, Claims Tabloid

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By Daniel Gates


Kris Jenner is “Drunk & Alone,” blares the new Star cover. The magazine claims the Kardashian matriarch’s “heavy drinking” has led her to “rock bottom,” and that over Easter, her husband Bruce Jenner “gathered the rest of the family for bombshell of a meeting,” during which he announced “he’s divorcing” her. What?!

“He said he wanted the children to hear it from him and understand why he was doing it,” a “source close to the former Olympian” tells Star. The supposed spy adds, “He’s so tired of living a lie.

Bruce feels like he and Kris don’t even know each other anymore; he compares them to complete strangers living under the same roof.” Then Jenner allegedly asked the kids to “keep his plans a secret,” says the magazine’s insider.

That’s awfully convenient for Star, which has shamelessly resuscitated these bogus “divorce” claims over and over again. Last time, the mag claimed Kris was supposedly going to “expose Bruce as a cross-dresser” if he tried to leave her.

Before that were false stories about a $175 million divorce and a despicable allegation that Bruce feared Kris intended to encourage their teenage daughter Kendall to “make a sex tape.” All of those Star reports were baseless, as is this newest cover story about an Easter emergency meeting and Bruce’s supposed divorce announcement.

On Thursday, Kris Jenner herself blasted Star:

STAR MAGAZINE, I know you’re going to write your BS to sell magazines, but I will do everything I can to protect my family. The conversation that Bruce supposedly had with our kids, NEVER happened. So if you’re going to talk to your usual ‘anonymous sources’ about these stories, at least try and make sure that they’re credible. Furthermore, I rarely have a second to myself as I am constantly surrounded by family and people. I cherish every second I get to spend with my family and look forward to many more precious moments with them in the years ahead.”

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