CLAIM: Kendall and Kylie Jenner Embarrassed By Mom Kris’ Drinking

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By Daniel Gates

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Kendall Jenner has finally gone on record, exposing something the Kardashian-Jenner clan has been concerned about for some time: that mom Kris Jenner’s drinking has gotten totally out of control!” reports Star.

According to the tabloid, Kendall tried to “publicly shame her mother into sobriety” with an April 9 tweet reading, “‘What do you want me to do IM DRUNK!’ – my mother.”

A Star source explains, “Both Kendall and her sister Kylie have grown disgusted by Kris’ drunken ways. They feel like the only way they can get to her is to tweet the drunken things that Kris says.”

The problem is that Kris doesn’t seem the issue. “She thought Kendall’s tweet was hilarious!” explains the Star insider. But the tabloid says the rest of the family is upset. The “source” says, “Kris has made no secret of her love for alcohol over the years. But the older the girls get, the more they are aware of just how bad her drinking is — and it’s extremely embarrassing to them!”

Star explains that the Jenner girls are anxious to flee. Kendall “is so desperate to get out of Kris’ house, mostly because of the drinking, that she’s house hunting every chance she gets,” reveals the mag’s source. “And Kylie is counting the days until she turns 18 so she can move in with Kendall.” The mag’s tipster says, “At this point, they can’t stand their mother.”

Of course, Star has a long and not so proud history of printing false stories about the Jenner daughters and their mom. This is just more of the same. A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop the latest Star report is “totally untrue.”

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