Kris and Bruce Jenner Set to Divorce?

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By Daniel Gates


Bruce Jenner is secretly consulting lawyers about divorcing wife Kris,” insiders tell the National Enquirer. According to the tabloid, “a split could put the couple’s $155 million fortune into play!”

So what supposedly went wrong? Bruce has allegedly “reached the breaking point” over Kris’ flirtations with younger men and “raging egomania over the Kardashian clan’s wildly successful business empire.” An Enquirer source says, “Bruce feels that Kris treats him like a doormat, and he’s had enough. She constantly belittles his appearance and complains to mutual friends that he’s a boring old fart.”

“Then she has the gall to flaunt her relationships with younger guys in his face!” shouts the mag’s insider. The magazine, which was recently caught manufacturing a “marriage crisis” for the couple’s daughter Khloe Kardashian, alleges that Bruce has been talking to a divorce attorney friend, tallying the family’s assets and preparing for a possible split. “Bruce is investigating what it would be like as a single guy,” a so-called “friend” explains to the tab. “He loves (their daughters) Kylie and Kendall, but now they’re busy pursuing modeling and acting careers. And he feels Kris would rather run off with one of her hunky male pals or hatch a new moneymaking scheme than spend time with him.” Uh-huh.

A year ago, in November 2011, the Enquirer laughably declared that the Jenners’ marriage was “on the rocks”. It was untrue then, and it’s still untrue. Seems like the same “sources” who keep feeding the tabloid bogus stories about the family are still at it. A credible family insider, who’s been helping Gossip Cop debunk the Enquirer’s fantasies, tells us this latest “divorce” report is just as baseless as the rest.

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