Kris Jenner Portrayed As “Monster” In Mag’s New Robert Kardashian Diary Claims

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(In Touch)

By Daniel Gates

(In Touch)

In Touch is still trying to convince the world it knows horrible secrets about Kris Jenner, even after last week’s allegations were exposed as desperate and false. According to the tabloid, the late Robert Kardashian — Jenner’s ex and the father of Kim, Khloe and Kourtney — kept a “meticulous record of his then-wife’s shocking conduct” as their marriage came to an end. The supposed “diaries” are said to “paint an ugly picture of the woman he married in 1978,” claims In Touch.

Among the “new” charges unearthed by the magazine are the suggestions that Jenner “didn’t want to have the children in the first place,” once twisted Kourtney’s arm during an argument, and sent flu-ridden Kim to a friend’s house so Jenner could spend time with her boyfriend. The source for the diaries is Ellen Kardashian, whom Robert married shortly before his death and whom the late lawyer’s daughters blasted last week when the first batch of In Touch allegations emerged.

In Touch explains the Kardashians’ immediate debunking of the “diaries” as a signal that Jenner was “desperate” to keep her secrets under wraps, begging her daughters to “strike back by attacking” Ellen. “Khloe refuses to believe the diaries are true,” a so-called “friend” explains to the tab. “But she’s in denial about everything in her life, including her troubled marriage.” Oh, so that’s it. When the Kardashians deny the garbage In Touch prints about them week after week, it’s because they’re in “denial”?

It has nothing to do with the fact that In Touch has proven itself to be largely incapable of publishing accurate stories about the family, being embarrassed over and over again by narratives that go nowhere and outrageous, sensational headlines of the worst kind. The magazine’s “denial” of reality is deep and consistent. Still, a week after the “diaries” allegedly exposing Jenner first surfaced, no one has verified that they say anything close to what In Touch and Ellen Kardashian claim.

They fly in the face of years’ worth of evidence to the contrary, with the close-knit Kardashian daughters and Jenner never saying or doing anything that would suggest a past of abuse or discontent. The burden of proof falls on In Touch when it makes such reckless claims, and the tabloid has failed miserably. A source close to the family tells Gossip Cop the mag’s latest allegations are “ridiculous as usual.”

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