Kris Jenner “Betrays” Bruce, “Caught in Half-Naked Kiss” With Alex Roldan?

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By Shari Weiss


Kris Jenner Betrays Hubby Bruce,” blares a National Enquirer headline. According to the supermarket tabloid, the Kardashian family matriarch was “caught in [a] half-naked kiss,” and is having “a secret relationship” with hairdresser Alex Roldan, “one of the men rumored to be the biological father of her daughter Khloe!” Woah!

“Kris and Alex have been friends for decades, but recently they’ve been spending more and more time together,” a “family insider” alleges to the Enquirer. “She’s been confiding in him about her struggles with Bruce,” continues the supposed source, “and they’ve also bonded over reports claiming Alex is Khloe’s real dad.” “At first, they just laughed off the rumors. But after joking about their supposed secret sex life, all the hot-and-heavy talk got their sexual chemistry brewing,” adds the outlet’s “insider.” Hold up.

Um, what “struggles with Bruce”? And you mean the FALSE paternity rumors spread by the tabloids? Anyway, the Enquirer goes on to allege that the supposed chemistry “blew up in their faces” when “the two were busted during an intimate moment.” The tab’s source claims Jenner took off her shirt at Roldan’s salon to put on a “protective cape” (because everyone takes off their shirt during a “hair treatment”), “but then accidentally dropped it and was left standing there in a sheer, plunging bra.” What is this, a bad porn?

“Alex quickly ran over with a towel to cover up Kris’ exposed breasts,” claims the Enquirer’s snitch. “She made a comment about how chivalrous he was, then gave him a kiss. And it just so happens that one of Kris and Bruce’s neighbors was at the salon and caught a glimpse of the clinch… [and] word quickly got back to Bruce,” alleges the tipster. Uh-huh. The magazine says “all hell broke loose” when Bruce “confronted” his wife, and Kris didn’t apologize.”

Now Kris’ “friends are calling Alex her ‘boyfriend,’ and her daughters are giving her grief,” alleges the tab’s source, noting that the girls are “furious that Kris is disrespecting Bruce by carrying on with Alex — even though some believe Alex is gay.” Oh, brother. Could this be any more convoluted and ridiculous?

No one — except the creative writers at tabloids like the Enquirer — is concerned about Kris’ PLATONIC “relationship” with Roldan. End of story. A Kardashian source tells Gossip Cop the claims are “ridiculous.”

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