CLAIM: Kris Jenner Forcing Kylie and Kendall To Be Her “Cash Cows”

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(In Touch)

By Daniel Gates

(In Touch)

Kris Jenner forced her daughters Kendall and Kylie to leave school, and is turning them into “cash cows” against their will, claims In Touch, the magazine that’s embarrassed itself with false cover stories about the family nearly every week this year.

In Touch has been particularly obsessed with portraying the matriarch as a “monster,” publishing the same bizarre and reckless allegations over and over again.

The tabloid’s latest cover allegations are just as bad. According to the mag, a “desperate” Jenner hatched a “new plot to hold onto her fortune — even if it means using her young daughters as pawns.” In Touch says the “momager” is “shoving” Kendall and Kylie into the spotlight as her older daughters — Kourtney, Kim and Khloe — “pull away from her following the release of their late father’s diaries, which revealed Robert Kardashian’s detailed descriptions of Kris as a greedy cheater who was verbally and physically abusive to Kim and Kourtney.”

Wait a minute. So this new “story” is based entirely on the mag’s own previous fabrications about Jenner’s past? Well, not entirely — there’s also the shameless twisting of facts about Kylie and Kendall’s relationship with their mother.

A “family friend” tells In Touch that Jenner is “working them to the bone,” and “forcing them to be the breakout stars.” “Kris isn’t acting like their mom. She’s acting like a Hollywood agent,” a so-called “insider” informs the tabloid, which treats the girls’ modeling gigs and other endeavors as evidence that they’re at the whims of a “manipulative” Jenner.

The publication makes it seem as though Jenner “pull[ed] them out of school” to become full-time “cash cows” — except what actually happened is that Kendall and Kylie asked to be home-schooled, and are only going that route over their mom’s initial objections.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t fit with In Touch’s narrative about Jenner strong-arming her teenage daughters into a life of wall-to-wall money making. It’s ironic to see the tabloid that repeatedly splashes Jenner and her five daughters on its cover with sensationalized headlines accusing her of exploiting the family.

The Jenner daughters are not “pawns,” and they’re not “cash cows.” They want to be part of their family’s reality shows, and they like doing the part-time work that grows out of their fame — while still getting an education. A family source tells Gossip Cop the In Touch story is just “more of the same tabloid garbage.”

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