Kris Jenner NOT Having A Baby At 60, Despite Claim

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Kris Jenner Baby

By Michael Lewittes


Kris Jenner Baby

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Kris Jenner is not going to have a baby as a “publicity stunt,” despite a ridiculous new report. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk the claim, which was first made in the pages of the new National Enquirer, a publication that has not exactly had a stellar record when it comes to Jenner. According to the tabloid, the Kardashian-Jenner matriarch is “on the hunt for a sperm donor,” who will help her have a baby (via surrogate) just in time for her 60th birthday next year.

The magazine quotes a so-called “family insider” as saying, “While she’s loved her role as Grandma, babysitting North, Mason and Penelope has Kris wishing for her own little one.” Then contradicting its claim that she still has maternal feelings (“wishing for her own”), the tabloid’s same bogus source says, “Kris loves the idea of another girl to bring into the family — and the business opportunities will, of course, be endless,” adding, “Kris doesn’t need to get her hands too dirty either. She has a staff who would care for the kid 24/7.”

Let’s recap before we get to more of the Enquirers absurdity. So, Kris loves babysitting her grandkids, but if she had her own child, she would want her staff to “care for the kid 24/7”? And the “wishing” for another child is really so she can exploit a baby for “business opportunities”? Besides being nonsensical, the story is actually beyond insulting.

But wait, there’s more. Noting that it might have a problem with convincing its readers that Jenner could still conceive at nearly 60, the tabloid’s convenient “insider” has a convenient quote to get around that: “Kris froze her eggs in case she ever wanted another child.”

Before we get to what a legitimate source says, raise your hands if you believe anything in this Enquirer piece. OK, for those of you who raised your hands, did you know the word “gullible” is actually not in the dictionary. Anyway, a real source tells Gossip Cop “it’s so crazy there’s nothing to say.”

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