Magazine: Kim Kardashian Scared “No Secret Is Safe” with Kris Humphries

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By Daniel Gates


Kim Kardashian is terrified of the private things Kris Humphries is willing to reveal,” shrieks OK! magazine. According to the tabloid, Kardashian is convinced Humphries is set to drop bombshells about their 72-day marriage and that “no secret is safe.”

As with many similar stories, OK! spends more time describing how “frantic” Kardashian is about Humphries supposedly spilling secrets than on whether there even are juicy secrets to spill in the first place. “During the period Kim and Kris were together, he undoubtedly heard her rant about her family members,” speculates the magazine.

As an example of the nasty stuff Kardashian might say about her loved ones, OK! mentions the “Kourtney & Kim Take New York” scene in which she refers to sister Khloe as “an evil, ugly little troll” in a text message. Wait a minute. The deep, terrifying secrets Humphries might reveal to the world are the type of sisterly insults Kardashian voluntarily puts on TV? What else?

Well, OK!’s “insider” observes that Humphries “always used to make fun of her for being too vain. He’d joke about how much effort it takes to do her hair, how she wears false eyelashes, and how long it takes for her to push her boobs up so her cleavage is just right – all that kind of embarrassing personal stuff.” Oh, come on. The big revelation is going to be that Kim Kardashian is worried about her physical appearance? That’s the best OK! can do?

In any case, as Gossip Cop has reported consistently, there is no truth to these alleged fears of Humphries (or his father) blowing the lid off the Kardashian family’s “secrets.” It’s simply “not true,” a source close to the Kardashians tells Gossip Cop.

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