CLAIM: Kris Humphries’ Family Wants Him to Dump Kim Kardashian

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By Daniel Gates

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In Touch just keeps digging a deeper and deeper hole. One week after printing NFL player Bret Lockett‘s discredited claims of a five-month affair with Kim Kardashian, the magazine is doubling down, claiming her fiancé Kris Humphries‘ family is desperate for him to dump her over the cheating allegations.

Humphries’ “loved ones” are “trying to get Kris to rethink the whirlwind engagement,” says In Touch. A so-called “source” claims his friends “are encouraging Kris to cut Kim out of his life completely,” while a different In Touch insider explains that his family is “worried about Kris being caught up in a scandal.” Wow.

It takes real nerve for the magazine that spread unsubstantiated rumors about a “scandal” to then claim the false story is causing problems. As a rep for Kardashian tells Gossip Cop, the “ridiculous” Lockett story is “100% not true.” A lawyer for the reality TV star slammed Lockett’s “false and malicious statements,” which have led Kardashian to consider legal action.

As an insider assures Gossip Cop again, the entire thing is bogus. In Touch is so desperate to prop up the debunked “affair” between Kardashian and Lockett, the magazine turns to a woman named Lisa Monks who “claims to have had a brief fling with Kris back in 2009” for her thoughts on the matter.

Monks – or “Monk,” as she’s called later in the same article – says Humphries “would never stand” for cheating. Seriously? In Touch is quoting a woman who “claims” to have once dated Humphries to explain why he should “dump” Kardashian in the wake of “cheating” allegations which In Touch put out there… yet no one believes? Everyone should just dump the magazine into the nearest trash receptacle.

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