Kris Jenner NOT “Plotting TV Special” About Bruce Jenner Sex Change

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Kris Bruce Jenner Sex Change TV Special

By Shari Weiss


Kris Bruce Jenner Sex Change TV Special

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Kris Jenner is NOT “plotting” a TV special about an alleged Bruce Jenner sex change, despite a wrong report. Though the estranged spouses filed for divorce in September, the tabloids are still churning out fake stories about the stars. This latest false rumor comes from the National Enquirer.

According to the supermarket tabloid, Kris “has cooked up her most shameless scheme yet — a reality TV special about ex-hubby Bruce’s shocking feminization process.” The Enquirer claims Kris has “offered him a $5 million payday to do an E! special,” which would showcase Bruce’s alleged surgery “as metrosexual vanity.”

“Kris desperately wants to capitalize on the intense interest in Bruce’s look,” a so-called “family insider” claims to the magazine. “She’s buttering him up by saying she’ll make the special look sympathetic to him.” The Enquirer, however, also cites other supposed sources who allege Kris is “setting him up for further humiliation,” and quotes one “pal” as claiming that while Bruce would like the paycheck, “he worries Kris will make him look like a fool.”

The alleged “friend” further tells the Enquirer, “It’s unconscionable that Kris would humiliate him on TV. But look what she’s put her family through already!” Please. Kris has helped propel her family to a level of fame beyond many people’s wildest dreams. And she is certainly not putting her grown children, who can make their own decisions, through anything they don’t want to do.

It’s the Enquirer that once again should be humiliated. There is NO E! special about Bruce and his seemingly evolving look in the works. In fact, an impeccable network insider even expressed surprise at the story, telling Gossip Cop that execs have never heard of such a program in development. Now who looks like a fool?

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