CLAIM: Kris and Bruce Jenner’s “Divorce Gets Nasty!”

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By Michael Lewittes


“Kris & Bruce: Divorce Gets Nasty!” screams a cover from Star, which for weeks has been claiming that Kris and Bruce Jenner are splitting.

The tab’s latest installment of the alleged Jenner divorce saga says that Bruce is leaving Kris in an effort to protect the couple’s teenage daughters, Kendall and Kylie. A supposed “source” for the mag alleges that Bruce is worried “she might encourage Kendall to make a sex tape — and that Kris would be pulling the strings behind the scenes, making sure that word gets out.” What?! The purported “insider” explains, “That way, Kris could benefit financially from the publicity, just like she did with Kim’s infamous sex tape.”

Star goes on to claim that Kris is “so upset by Bruce’s plans to wrest Kendall and Kylie from her control that she’s hired a private investigator and threatened to reveal his darkest secrets if he insists they split up.” Another “family friend” tells the tab, “Kris made it clear that if Bruce embarrassed her by filing for divorce, she’d crush him and expose all the skeletons in his closet.” Bruce supposedly “screamed back that she’s crazy and that he was going to get a restraining order barring her from any contact with himself or their girls.” Wow, that sounds pretty explosive… and completely made up.

Kris is absolutely NOT pushing her underage daughter to make a sex tape. And if Bruce truly loathes reality TV so much, why has he agreed to do the show for so many years, and consented for his girls — who are minors — to appear on the series? Basically, Star is just doubling down on its previous inaccurate report about the Jenners’ supposed split by printing even more salacious, hurtful lies about the family. Regardless, Gossip Cop once again checked with a Kardashian insider, and we’re told it’s NOT TRUE that Kris and Bruce are splitting.

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