Kris Jenner “Collapses” Amid $175 Million Divorce Deal With Bruce, Claims Magazine

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(National Enquirer)

By Daniel Gates

(National Enquirer)

The National Enquirer claims Kris and Bruce Jenner have reached a $175 million divorce deal, and that the Kardashian matriarch “collapse[d]” as her marriage reached its conclusion.

It should be noted up front that the magazine has zero — ZERO — credibility here. The Enquirer has published demonstrably false things about the family for years, and wrongly claimed the couple was set to split in November. Of course, back then it was a $155 million” divorce, so consistency is not exactly the tab’s top priority. This time around, the magazine says Kris Jenner, “crushed by the weight of ruinous personal and professional pressures… suffered a terrifying emotional and physical collapse.”

What does the Enquirer say happened, exactly? The “momager” supposedly “broke down” while finalizing the alleged divorce deal and working on her new talk show, “insiders” tell the tab. One so-called “source” explains that Jenner’s “greatest problem — the divorce from Bruce — has blown up big-time.” “Kris never thought the day would come, but she’s finally struck a financial deal in their divorce agreement,” the source tells the Enquirer.

The supposed end of her marriage left Jenner badly shaken, says the tabloid. According to the Enquirer source, “She broke down during the negotiations, overwhelmed by the finality of a divorce. She was in tears as they discussed money and what a split would do to their $175 million fortune, and the Kardashian-Jenner media and fashion empire.” “A weepy Kris even begged Bruce, ‘Please don’t leave me!'” says the tab insider.

In the middle of the night, the Enquirer source claims, Kendall Jenner supposedly found Kris “curled up in a ball with tears streaming down her face. Kris told Kendall that she actually thought that she was dying!”

Enough. This is speculative sensationalism that any outlet with a halfway decent track record concerning Jenner and her family would be too embarrassed to publish.

The Enquirer has been claiming the Jenners are on the brink of a divorce for YEARS — and as time passes, and the mag gets proven wrong over and over again, it tries to spice up its drivel with overheated, imaginary drama like this week’s.

As Gossip Cop has said consistently, Kris and Bruce Jenner are NOT about to split. And Jenner herself, who’s taken a more vocal stand against the tabs’ trash in recent weeks, dispelled the latest round of divorce rumors on Wednesday’s “The View.” “No we are not getting divorced,” said Jenner on the broadcast. “Not in a million, bazillion years. I want to send pictures to the magazines and say the next time you want to write a story, use this photo. It’s crazy.”

We expect the Enquirer to continue writing fabricated divorce stories about the Jenners, but maybe the tab will take Kris up on her offer to use pictures of her choosing.

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