Kourtney “Sex Tape” Among New Bogus Kardashian Family “Scandals”

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By Daniel Gates


Star magazine claims Kourtney Kardashian has a sex tape, Kim Kardashian hates Avril Lavigne, and Lamar Odom scorns Kris Humphries in a cover story just as scattershot and desperate as it sounds.

Yes, the tab has mashed a bunch of bogus stories together for a kind of Kardashian Kasserole that’s high on drama and low on evidence. First is the rumored hardcore footage. According to Star, Kourtney made a graphic video, “nearly as raunchy as Kim’s,” with a man who is not Scott Disick.

A person who claims to have viewed the tape claims, “It’s pretty graphic, and there are clear shots of her face.” Uh-huh. Gossip Cop spoke with a Kardashian insider, and we were assured there’s no sex tape. The family has dealt with the issue before but is not worried about a repeat.

Meanwhile, Star also fills space by reporting on a couple of Khloe and Kim-related faux feuds. The tabloid insists Khloe’s hubby Odom is jealous of the attention Kim’s fiancé Humphries is getting as a new Kardashian beau, with Odom even allegedly bashing his fellow NBA player’s on-court abilities. “Now relations between the two couples sometimes are awkward,” says Star.

But that’s not all! Kim is also supposedly fighting stepbrother Brody Jenner over his girlfriend, Avril Lavigne, whom the sisters are said to hate. “From the get-go, the girls disliked her,” explains a so-called “source.” Jenner was allegedly so incensed by his family’s anti-Lavigne stance, he “threatened to cut ties with his famous siblings.”

These alleged feuds, though, exist only in Star‘s fevered imagination. As with Kourtney’s non-existent “sex tape,” Gossip Cop is told there’s no bad blood among Kim, Khloe, Brody and their partners.

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