Kris Jenner Ordering Kourtney Kardashian to Marry Scott Disick, Claims Tabloid

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By Daniel Gates



Kourtney Kardashian is finally set to marry longtime beau Scott Disick after ‘momager’ Kris Jenner turned into a demanding Cupid and ordered them to ‘cash in quick,'” say sources for the National Enquirer. The tabloid alleges that Jenner is forcing the couple to wed “in a bid to keep money pouring into the Kardashian coffers.”

“Kris has convinced them they could net a whopping $10 million in deals from their wedding,” a so-called “family friend” explains to the magazine. According to the tab’s source, “Kris is worried that the family’s popularity may be on the wane and there may not be many megabucks paydays left. She wants to cash out now.”

The Enquirer goes so far as to claim that the couple’s outward affection for each other is just part of the alleged wedding plan. “[Jenner] told Scott to be as romantic as possible with Kourtney whenever they’re in public,” explains the mag’s insider, with the supposed family friend adding, “They want to build up the hype before Kris starts pitching the exclusive engagement pictures and a wedding TV special.”

The Enquirer says Disick and Kardashian, under pressure from Jenner, plan to tie the knot in Aspen in November. What’s especially hilarious about the tabloid’s phony tale is that almost exactly a year ago, the Enquirer spread an equally laughable report claiming Jenner had BANNED her daughter from marrying Disick.

And since that completely contradictory story, the Enquirer has tipped off just how clueless its sources are with bogus reports about there being a “war” over Kardashian’s baby’s name and a ludicrous account of Britney Spears supposedly going after Disick. Those stories, like this one, were 100 percent false. A source close to the family tells Gossip Cop the Enquirer report about Jenner forcing Disick-Kardashian nuptials is “completely untrue.”

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