CLAIM: Kourtney Kardashian May Give Baby to Khloe on New Show

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By Michael Lewittes


In what has to be the most absurd story of the week, MediaTakeOut claims that newly pregnant Kourtney Kardashian may give her second child to her sister Khloe. And it gets even more insane from there.

The site says the supposed baby swap is part of a new possible plot-line for a new reality show. We’re not making this up. MediaFakeOut claims, “We spoke with an E! television insider who tell us that the network has PITCHED the idea of Kourtney GIVING THE CHILD SHE’S CARRYING to her sister Khloe.”

The blog notes, “Khloe has been OUTSPOKEN about her fertility issues,” and then quotes the alleged E! “insider” as saying, “It would be perfect, Kourtney can help Khloe (sic) it would add an interesting new wrinkle to their family dynamic. Not to mention, it would be ratings gold. Wow . . . we knew those Kardashian’s would do ANYTHING for fame. But could they be THAT fame hungry????” remarks MTO.

Well here’s what Gossip Cop knows. MediaTakeOut will report almost anything to create drama, but even this is just too preposterous for them. Kourtney is NOT considering giving her unborn baby to Khloe, and E! never approached the family with this ludicrous idea. An actual E! insider tells us the story is “absolutely false,” and a Kardashian source calls it “ridiculous.” Really, MTO?

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