Us Weekly, In Touch, HollywoodLife And Perez Hilton Embarrassingly WRONG About Sex Of Kourtney Kardashian Baby

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Us Weekly Kourtney Kardashian Baby Girl

By Michael Lewittes

Us Weekly Kourtney Kardashian Baby Girl

(Us Weekly)

Us Weekly, In Touch, Perez Hilton, and HollywoodLife are among the outlets that reported over the last few months that Kourtney Kardashian is pregnant with a girl, and now have been proven embarrassingly wrong. On Sunday’s “Kourtney and Khloe Take The Hamptons,” Kardashian revealed that her and Scott Disicks third child will be a boy. Whoops!

Us Weekly previously claimed, “Multiple sources confirm to Us Weekly that the pregnant reality star is having a girl with longtime love Scott Disick,” while In Touch quoted a Kardashian “friend” as saying, “Kourtney is so thrilled; she had wanted a girl from the very start.” Perez noted that Kardashian was “going to get a lot of pink baby shower items this year,” and HollywoodLife asked its readers, “Are you excited to hear that Kourtney has another little girl on the way?” Oh boy, were they wrong!

Of course, Perez, In Touch, HollywoodLife and Us Weekly had a 50-50 chance when it came to the baby’s gender. So clearly, their Kardashian sources can’t be trusted or they took guesses and came up short. What’s more, since the Internet has become a haven for smash-and-grabs, their inaccurate stories were picked up by many more sites and spread widely as fact.

Sadly, while every outlet that got the story wrong should be wiping the egg off its faces and using it to serve up apology omelets, instead you’ll be hard pressed to see the tabloids and webloids acknowledge their sloppy reporting. For places like HollywoodLife, which basically rips off other outlets, they got what they wanted, a high placement on Google’s search results for the words “Kourtney Kardashian Baby Girl” and approximately 95,000 people to click their 100 percent false story. Getting the story right seemingly would have been an added, though unnecessary, bonus.

Don’t be fooled by sites that focus on Search Engine Optimization over accuracy. Don’t be fooled by a site’s brand name. Don’t be fooled by questionable reporting. Keep coming back to Gossip Cop, where we respect the truth and our readers.

And congrats to Kardashian and Disick on the upcoming birth of their baby boy!


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