Kourtney And Khloe Take The Hamptons Recap: Scott Disick Leaves Rehab Early, Kim Accuses Pal Of Leaking Stories

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Scott Disick Leaves Rehab

By Michael Lewittes

Scott Disick Leaves Rehab


“Kourtney And Khloe Take The Hamptons” this Sunday had Kim Kardashian confronting her friend Jonathan Cheban about leaking stories to the tabs, and Scott Disick leaving rehab early. Disick tells Khloe that even though he left early, it was the “reboot” and “start over” he needed. Meanwhile, Kourtney has been meeting with a therapist, who has made her really think about whether or not the reality star should stay with Disick.

When Disick returns to the Hamptons, he and Kourtney talk. She feels there needs to be a “change” in their relationship. Disick acknowledges “how much is at stake,” and adds “I don’t want to lose it.” Still, they both discuss how they’ve fought for years and years, leading Disick to question, “Are we going to spend the rest of our lives doing this?”

The Kardashian sisters then head into New York City to launch their “Kardashian Kids” line at Babies R Us, and after Kim mentions how she’s going to hang out with Cheban, both Kourtney and Khloe express how they’re fairly certain that he’s the leak who’s been giving dirt to the tabloids about them. Kourtney tells the camera, “For years, somebody close to our family has definitely been selling stories to the media… I think Kim has a big mouth and tells everything to Jonathan. He has a lot of contacts with the media, and it would be easy for him to share this information.”

Following the event at Babies R Us, Kim and Cheban drive to the Jersey Shore. During the drive, Kim confides to Cheban that Kourtney’s been talking to a therapist. While on the Jersey Shore, Cheban goes shopping, and comes back wearing a T-shirt that reads, “She’s My Best Friend,” which Kim calls “shady” because she knows he wants the paparazzi to take photos of her with him wearing that shirt.

Also, the tidbit about Kourtney talking to a therapist gets leaked to a magazine and Kim accuses Cheban of doing it. An indignant Cheban blows up at her saying he had nothing to do with it, adding, “You don’t think I have anything better to do in my life?” Kim asks Cheban to see his phone to see if he leaked the info, causing him to lash out, “You’re a b*tch,” before throwing a box of donuts at her. “Take the donuts, take my phone and go f*ck yourself,” he yells at Kim.

After Kim calls her publicist, she learns that the story was leaked by the paparazzi who recognized Kourtney’s therapist. “I knew in my heart it wasn’t him,” Kim tells the camera. She and Cheban then make up and go on amusement park rides on the Jersey Shore.

Disick is also briefly in New Jersey to host an event in Atlantic City, and even though it’s packed with drunken revelers, he stays sober and says he feels “all right” afterwards. He then returns to the Hamptons where he and Kourtney tell each other, “I love you” and talk about their future. Both feel it will take time before they know for certain where they’re headed. Still, Disick goes to an AA meeting, and tells Kourtney that it’s “definitely what I need.” Kris Jenner warns Kourtney at the end of the show that she must think hard about what’s best for herself and the kids.

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