Kourtney And Khloe Take The Hamptons Recap: Kourtney Cleans Out Scott Disick’s Late Parents’ House With Hope Of Keeping

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Kourtney Khloe Take The Hamptons December 28 recap

By Michael Lewittes


Kourtney Khloe Take The Hamptons December 28 recap


“Kourtney And Khloe Take The Hamptons” this Sunday centers around what to do with Scott Disick’s late parents’ house. He has no interest in wanting to clean it out, so Kourtney Kardashian takes it upon herself to do it, with the idea of maybe fixing it up and them keeping it as a second home.

Disick, who hasn’t returned to his parents’ place since they passed away, doesn’t want to have to deal with the house or the memories. He tells Kourtney, at one point, ” I just want to forget about being from New York, and get rid of everything I’ve ever known here.” Kourtney, however, goes over to the house to clean it up and separate stuff that should be given away and donated and other possessions which she thinks Disick should hold on to.

And even though the house is sort of a mess and has a bug problem from six months of neglect, Kourtney feels the home is a “special place” with “charm and character,” and worth keeping once she gets it back into shape. While going through the house, Kourtney finds Disick’s childhood photos, cards he received for his first birthday and more memorabilia, but when she tells her longtime boyfriend about it, he says it’s “all freaking me out” and doesn’t want to deal with it.

Kourtney doesn’t want him to regret throwing out these sentimental keepsakes later in life, including a photo of him as a young boy, which shows just how much their son Mason looks like Disick did as a kid. But he tells Kourtney he’s not going to go through the old pictures or letters because it’s creating “more anxiety” for him since it hammers home how he’s no longer able to see his deceased parents anymore.

Meanwhile, the second plot of the show was that Khloe Kardashian feels the staff at the Dash store in the Hamptons is “intimidated” by her, and so she goes out drinking with them one night. Afterwards, however, Kourtney expresses that there’s a “fine line [between] being their boss and being their friend” and that crossing it “can affect our business.” While Khloe mostly agrees there needs to be a line, she still invited a couple of Dash staffers out to lunch another day with her and Kourtney, without telling her sister in advance. Suffice to say, Kourtney wasn’t very nice to the two employees and left lunch early.

After that incident, Khloe calls Kourtney “cold,” “rude,” and a “ruthless troll” for her behavior over lunch. Khloe explains that when employees don’t feel any connection to their boss, they’re less motivated to work hard for them. She suggests to Kourtney, “Being a little nice couldn’t kill you.” Kourtney sees Khloe’s side, and even makes an effort later to ingratiate herself to the Dash staff.

Although Disick sort of entertained the idea of Kourtney fixing up the home and them possibly keeping it, he eventually becomes resolute about selling the house, telling a realtor that he wants to have “the quickest turnaround to get rid of it.” Kourtney feels she “failed,” but Khloe explains that her sister needs to think of Disick and how it’s a “toxic place” for him now because it only brings up “sad memories.” While Kourtney would have loved to have refurbished the home, at the end of the show she realizes where Disick is coming from and says, “I can’t imagine what Scott been through and how he feels.”

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