Kourtney And Khloe Take The Hamptons Recap: Kourtney Kicks Scott Disick Out

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Kourtney Khloe Hamptons Recap

By Michael Lewittes


Kourtney Khloe Hamptons Recap


Sunday night’s season premiere of “Kourtney and Khloe Take The Hamptons” certainly delivered plenty of drama, with the spin-off series focusing on Kourtney Kardashian’s unraveling relationship with Scott Disick, and Khloe Kardashian’s new romance with French Montana, which ended after the season was filmed.

While a pregnant again Kourtney is “excited” about their summer house on the water in the Hamptons, noting it couldn’t be “more perfect,” for Disick, it’s “bittersweet.” While he’s happy to be back in his hometown, he’s depressed because his recently deceased parents “unfortunately aren’t here to spend time with.” Khloe, meanwhile, couldn’t be more “bored” by the Hamptons and even asks Kourtney, “What do you do here?”

No sooner are the three out in the Hamptons than Montana comes to visit from a recording session in New York, and is ready to sweep Khloe off to South Africa, where he’s performing at its MTV Awards. Although it’s only three days, Kourtney’s hurt that Khloe’s already bailing on the Hamptons. Naturally, being a Kardashian show, in the midst of their talk about Khloe flying off to Africa, the two discuss Kourtney having an “itchy vagina” from her pregnancy.

Disick is seen having a really hard time coping with being in the Hamptons, especially when Kourtney discusses him selling his folks’ home. He constantly talks about the “anxiety” it is causing, and even pops “anxiety pills” to help him calm down and sleep. He and Khloe talk about how “insensitive” Kourtney is being about him being out there. The two also discuss Khloe’s relationship with Montana, with Disick noting, “You are in deep.” Khloe doesn’t dispute it.

Next, Khloe takes off for South Africa and is happy to accompany Montana, but back in the Hamptons, all is not well between Kourtney and Disick. She talks about how people have “passed away from alcoholism,” and she’s tired of him acting like a “lunatic.” When he presses on that he’s going to New York City to host a party, Kourtney tells him that he’s “humiliating” and “pathetic,” and says, “Just don’t come back.”

While Khloe and Montana are having a romantic time in South Africa, including a safari that leaves her “so happy,” Kourtney’s relationship is imploding. Kim Kardashian called her big sister to talk about how Disick was posting partying pictures from a club in New York. “Every time I’m pregnant, I hate him,” Kourtney tells her sister. “I just want him to go away.” Kim notes he’s been acting the same way for the past seven years.

When Disick returns to the Hamptons the next day, he’s told by security outside the house, “Your car is not allow on the property.” “It’s never ending with this girl,” he mutters back.

“Do you want to be alone with the kids alone forever,” he asks Kourtney she he confronts her. She responds “Yes.” Stay tuned for more drama next week!

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