VIDEO: Homeless Hitchhiker Kohlton Pascal Surprises Judges On American Idol

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Kohlton Pascal American Idol Video

By Shari Weiss


Kohlton Pascal American Idol Video


A hitchhiker named Kohlton Pascal surprised the judges on Tuesday’s “American Idol.” Check out the videos below!

The 21-year-old revealed he left home at 16 due to “differences with my folks,” and while they’re now on “better terms,” he still lives as a “travelin’ man.” According to Pascal, that means he spends his time walking around and playing music, sleeping in tents with his possessions tied to him, and never staying in one place for more than three to four days at a time.

Pascal admitted he gets lonely at times, but noted that the danger involved “is part of the fun.” He hitchhikes to get around, or scrounges up enough money for bus fare. Once a “rebellious little punk,” the contestant said, “I travel to defeat depression and boredom and stagnant living.”

The judges were fascinated by Pascal’s story and then perplexed, in a good way, by his gruff voice, which he showed off on an original song called “Sitting Here Beside Me.” Harry Connick Jr. told him, ” I think you’re terrific, bro. Do I think you have a shot? Absolutely. But are you willing to do what you have to do to win the competition?”

Jennifer Lopez had similar concerns, pointing out that Pascal’s voice was “depressing” at times, even though she liked it. She touched on how viewers usually seek out likeable singers, and wondered if Pascal, while “captivating,” would be able to bring enough emotion.

Keith Urban admitted, “This is a conundrum in some ways because I really like your talent. I love the sound of your voice, man. I was interested in what you were singing. Visually, not so much. Audibly, if it was to be on record, I would buy it and I would have that in my playlist.” He went on to ponder, “How far could you go in this competition? I don’t know. It’s challenging because so many other things come into it, but I really like your talent.”

All that said, the judges were unanimous in wanting to send Pascal to Hollywood. He was thrilled to hear he’ll be put up in a hotel, but joked that he may bring his tent in “just for the comfort.” Watch the audition videos below. What do you think?

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