In Touch Kim Kardashian “Wedding From Hell” Cover Features Faked Dress Photo

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(In Touch)

By Daniel Gates

(In Touch)

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are about to have the “wedding from hell,” reports In Touch. The tabloid’s cover story claims the reality TV star is “in tears as her family destroys her big day.”

So, what supposedly happened? According to In Touch, “all the planning in the world couldn’t prevent [Kardashian’s] third trip down the aisle from turning into a total disaster.” The magazine explains, “Kanye has blown the budget with a slew of bad decisions. He and Kim are fighting nonstop. She’s clashing with her sisters and dealing with her mom’s out-of-control micromanaging and day-drinking.”

“Most horrifying for the image-obsessed reality star? Kim couldn’t squeeze her famous backside into her custom-made wedding dress during a recent fitting in Paris,” adds In Touch.

The entire article is a sloppy mess of exceptionally boring, old rumors about the Kardashians — not surprising, given that In Touch and it source have absolutely no idea what’s going on with the family, and prove it with embarrassingly wrong stories hat would humiliate most outlets

We cannot stress enough how bad In Touch has been in reporting on the Kardashians. Over and over again, the tabloid has been really, really wrong. It’s pathetic.

What’s even worse this time is that In Touch is using a FAKE photo on its cover and fails to tell readers that it’s FAKE. That image (see above) of “Kardashian” trying on her wedding dress is actually some random model in a “photo recreation.”

Except the cover doesn’t mention that it’s a photo recreation, because the cover is a bait-and-switch trick by a magazine that’s repeatedly failed to report accurately and used tricks to mislead readers. That isn’t Kardashian bending over, failing to fit into her dress on the In Touch cover, just like the inset picture of her crying is an out-of-context “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” shot that has nothing to do with her wedding. We hope In Touch finds some real news for its cover next week.

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